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July 18, 2011

More pictures of the kiddo!

Truthfully, there are about a thousand new pictures but just two here.  Stay tuned for an album on Facebook.  With the first picture, I now have physical evidence that the kitten does, in fact, sleep.  We were worried for a while.  In the second, he is standing guard against evil squirrel invaders (what is it about squirrels that rubs cats the wrong way?) and sitting butt-to-butt with new best buddy/adoptive big brother, Otis.  Oh, and I did have video of them play-fighting and being adorable, but as it turns out, my Flip camcorder was totally defective and had to be returned.   So, all that cuteness is lost forever (sigh).

July 5, 2011

Lot18 membership anyone?

I have just gotten my first “by invitation only” online membership.  Lot18 offers great deals on wines and wine-related accessories.   Hurry up and apply for those licenses to ship your wines to Maryland, wineries!  As of now, I think only 23 wineries are able to ship to Maryland, and of those, eighteen ARE in Maryland!  Yuck!  Speaking of which, anyone know of a Maryland vineyard that doesn’t suck and/or offer strawberry-flavored wine?  Also, anyone interested in a membership to Lot18?  I can send you an invite, and I get credit money if you buy something.  And as you know, the only thing I like better than the feeling of haughty exclusivity associated with by-invitation-only memberships…are savings.

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