Summer knittin’

IMG_0743I acknowledge that it is both bizarre and somehow befitting (given the inherent kookiness of knitters) that the start of summer is marked for me by the annual Maryland Wool Festival.  Because nothing says summer quite like a thick, knitted sweater.  This May, I had my dear friend Sarah as company…and a game plan.  Last year, if you’ll recall, I made my first trip there and found myself so inundated with vendors and choices that I was too overwhelmed to purchase anything and left shamefully empty-handed.  An unacceptable outcome that I vowed not to repeat again.  This year, I’d resolved to have ideas of the types of yarn I was looking for and a selection of projects for which I needed to buy yarn beforehand.  Happily because of this*, history did not repeat itself, and I left this festival with armloads of goodies!  Sarah turned out to be an impressively naughty influence, and the two of us bounced from one side of the festival to the other like heroin junkies after our next fix.  Dazzled by bright colors and on a yarn-induced adrenaline rush**, I think we basically bought up all the teal and turquoise yarn on site.

(*= “Happily”, of course, refers only to me personally on this front, and it was in fact a decidedly unhappy ending for the Greek, my pocketbook, and the dearth of storage spaces in our home)

(**= Yes, for some, not necessarily those with the dotage or disposition of a little old lady, yarn really gets us going.  Believe it and let it go.)

This time around, I seemed to pay the most attention to the animals when it came to where I pointed my camera lens.  That may also be attributable to Sarah, from whom the shrillest of squeals could be heard and who was very nearly brought to tears by a trio of extremely good-natured Angora rabbits (shown below).


If you’re exclaiming to yourself right now, “Wow, that is a poofy creature!”, I feel I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that photos like this exist for this animal, making the specimens we were seeing in person, whose eyes I could not successfully locate, essentially bald by comparison.

I also learned of the proper way to hold a rabbit: facing towards you with all four paws on your chest and stomach.  Well, there are, in actuality, a few ways to hold a rabbit (get a load of these achingly adorable instructions!), but the main idea is that you secure their legs.  Get this, hold them facing outward with their back paws free, and they have ability to break their own spines if they kick their back paws into the open air (or rather, they lack the ability to not break their backs with the force of their own kicking).  Not robust creatures, rabbits!

Some more furry friends…

Notice the double pairs of horns on these two!  I’ve never seen that before!



Objecting ungulates abound!




Cashmere goats


The vendor was holding a 10-day-old newborn who was still nursing and thus would nibble on his collar.  Beyond adorable!



And some dyed cashmere roving from his stand (Gorgeous!)…


Some old friends…


If you don’t recognize these skinny-necked guys, perhaps it was the angle with which I took last year’s photo of them…


And, of course, the stash:


I guess I should get knitting or something…


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