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February 21, 2014

Otis…en repose

Despite what this post might suggest, I am actually tremendously busy right now.  Or at least, I should be.  If I don’t, I’ll make life exceedingly unpleasant for myself in a few months.  So naturally I spend my time doing absurd, time-wasting, random things.  And here’s another…

Otis napping on a lazy weekend afternoon + Superzoom camera + Procrastinating amateur photographer = Sunbathed adorableness

IMG_0702 IMG_0706 IMG_0707IMG_0701Ok, for real now, off to work…

February 19, 2014

Small personal victories no one else cares about…

…That I have rudely posted publicly despite prior knowledge of everyone’s indifference.

I suppose I should start at the beginning…

Every year, my household experiences a momentous and joyous time.  Christmas?  Hardly.  Summer?  Not quite.  It’s the time each year when we cash in our rewards points on our two credit cards for gift cards and buy a bunch of the items we’d been accumulating in our wish lists.  I work hard for this privilege!  To anticipate and propitiate any solicitude on the part of concerned readers, let me assure you that this is not “Confessions of a Shopaholic”.  The Greek and I dutifully pay off our credit cards at the end of each month.  But I am also feverishly obssessive about paying for everything possible WITH our credit cards, to the point where all our other expenses combined equal less than half of our credit card bill, and the Greek has been scolded many a time for daring to pay for groceries with his debit card.

We maintain only high interest cards (higher interest rates=higher rewards), and I go to exceedingly long lengths to ensure that we maximize our rewards points like, for example, buying things online by navigating to them via my bank’s website as opposed to buying them when I saw them in person at the Target two hours ago because, when you buy these items from, you get four bonus points per dollar instead of the standard one.  If that explanation confused you, congratulations, you’re sane.  Unfortunately, you’re also not fully taking advantage of what a dash of crazy could gain you earnings-wise, and this blogger has more than her fair share of crazy.  Not to mention a heaping helping of that punctilious and pernickety personality type that allows one to devote precious hours of her time to pecuniary pursuits.

This particular saga all began back in (oh holy hell!) 2011!  I knew it was a while ago, but really Lisa? Really??  Anyways, back in 2011, I bought a coffeemaker, a sewing machine, a leaf blower (for the Greek naturally- me no likey the yard work), a yoga towel, a tape measure, a pie pan, a loaf pan, and some books of knitting patterns for the extremely reasonable price of $ 7.84!  Now, why did I buy a sewing machine?  Well, I’d always wanted to learn and expand my needlework talents…and also it was essentially free.  But because of this, it also didn’t feel especially urgent that I make use of my new purchase.  And so it sat…for (evidently!) two and a half years…collecting dust…until this weekend when, for reasons unknown even to me, I randomly decided to bust it out and give it a try.  I set it up and got it working using only the manual…either because I’m brilliant or using a sewing machine is exceedingly easy; I suspect it’s the latter.  And upon making several rows of different types of practice stitches in a spare bit of fabric, I proceeded to laugh gleefully and maniacally alone in my basement like a serial killer.  Next steps: more practice, find project!


My setup

IMG_1015 IMG_1020

My skills

I finally did something I’d been meaning to do for a long time, unsurprisingly eliciting thoughts of why I didn’t get around to doing such a fun and easy task sooner.  And I also managed to earn some giggles from the Greek, who had been dogging me tirelessly about the fact that I hadn’t used my machine yet and who, being Greek, is somewhat fuzzy, by remarking that I had, both metaphorically and literally, gotten a monkey off my back.  All-in-all, it was a fairly accomplished weekend.

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