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April 11, 2014

Birthday baking

Because I am stubborn as an ass, I took the trouble to blog about how after nearly two decades of baking, I had finally decided I had found the perfect chocolate cake recipe…and then promptly proceeded  to try out a new CC recipe I had stumbled upon recently.  It’s entitled “The Pink Cake” from, is apparently an old-fashioned recipe beloved  by many, was laborious to make requiring me, for example, to prepare fresh raspberry purée to accomplish the pink tint of the buttercream frosting, and which, after all that, I can merely award a resounding “m’eh”.  The Greek was less effusive with his praise, actually scolding me for deviating from my tried and true method.  Heaven for fend I try to expand my repertoire as a baker; he takes his sweets very seriously.  Sadly, it just didn’t have nearly the moistness and chocolatey-ness of my original (far more simple) recipe.  The buttercream was top notch, however, reminiscent of wedding cake icing, although I only had half the called for amount of raspberries giving the cake only a pale pink hue instead of a pink-pink one and only the faintest hint of raspberry flavor.

Still, it was a lovely cake.  And prepared for my mother’s birthday last month, so it got all gussied up for the occasion.




We passed on the posh dinner reservation and opted instead for a quiet Sunday at home. The whole afternoon was handmade, in fact.   Those without tender must toil; at least I’ve graduated from macaroni art and hand turkeys!  The Greek worked the hardest, I think, making a pair of highly palatable pizzas entirely from scratch.


He even kneaded the dough himself!  I have blurry proof:


Finally, I presented her with my latest knitted creation…unfortunately still on the needles.  Ah, I came so close to finishing on time…so close.  And now, nearly two months later…yeah, it’s still not done.  Such a disappointment!  Naturally, the wintry deluge that had plagued us all season has now turned to balmy temperatures and a general lack of scarf weather.  And I think I must finally accept that, indeed, it is spring…and I have failed.  So, I must move on and publish this post anyway lest the post itself also become so absurdly late as to be pointless (More so?  It kind of is already.  Whatever.).  Anyways, despite aforementioned “uncooperative” circumstances, I still declare the day a success and proof that paucity can produce proficiency.  That, and when your mother is thoughtless enough to have her birthday four days before Valentine’s Day, all plans and considerations must be made months ahead of time so sometimes this is what you get…

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