I’ll be homemade for Christmas

So, apparently, I haven’t written a post since July!  Now normally I would claim busy student and then proceed to gripe about how demanding and important my life is.  But I’m afraid this time I can only admit neglect.  For I have finally found that the rigorous and unforgiving workload has finally begun to bear fruit: in a desperate bid for survival, I actually became a highly enduring and efficient worker, almost without even noticing.  Therefore, when these latest holidays rolled around, I found myself able to finish all I’d intended, even while making it more involved [pats self on back].  (This might seem somewhat pompous and self-aggrandizing if you don’t know me.  But trust me, these moments when things just work out happen so rarely that these small victories  simply must be celebrated.)

First, I managed to get all my Christmas cards out on time…ugh, except for one (!) because it required the Greek’s personalization. <– Not my fault.  These are my favorite, simple and charming and hand pressed on heavy card stock from Steel Petal Press; I buy them every year:



Aaaannnddddd I got to use my new Scottish sealing wax  that I found last Renn Faire.  I originally wrote about finding my antique wax seal 2 years ago, but the accompanying wax I bought with it just sucked all the fun out of it.  It felt like I was melting cheap crayons, and the seal looked like shit.  I literally choked a little when the Renn Faire vendor told me the price, $22 for a single 4-inch stick!  But he told me it was a traditional sealing wax, made in a much higher quality than you normally find, and guaranteed me 30-40 seals per stick.  I bought it in a lovely metallic green color and have no complaints.  It’s sold by K Dopita Studio online; you have to call a number to place an order, which is adorable.


I made a pair of scarves for my sister and my mom…and in sufficient time to get pictures no less.  My Ravelry profile has frustratingly stagnated at 5 projects for years because I can never finish something in a calm and timely enough manner to remember to take a picture.  I know, I know, a tragedy of narcissistic proportions.  I’m glad you agree.  Little Jack absolutely insisted on being in the photos…as you can see from the defeated expression on his face.

IMG_1097  IMG_1100  IMG_1117 IMG_1111

The Greek was a tremendously busy boy this holiday.  After many years of pleading on my part, a summer trip to the Maine woods (bien sûr!) finally convinced him to grow a full and luxurious beard, which, when you’re a Greek, takes about an afternoon of effort.  Unfortunately, beards are itchy, so he set about finding a solution.  With a lot of internet research and a little bit of experimentation, he made himself a beard balm.  Seriously, it’s so shiny and silky now that his face looks like a black panther!  And since facial hair is de rigueur right now, he was able to make beard balms for nearly every male he knows as Christmas presents this year.  And with essentially only a few modifications to that recipe (a little less beeswax, a little more essential oils, and some time spent in a standing mixer), he was also able to make jars of whipped body butter for the females.  For a first effort that came down to the wire time-wise (no lie, we were spooning them into their containers on Christmas Eve morning), they turned out wonderfully.  What am I saying, they were fabulous, period.

IMG_1118 IMG_1119 IMG_1123 IMG_1125

And since I always cite my sources: This is where he got his balm recipe.  This is where he got his butter recipe.  And this is where he got the recipe for the scent (it’s Fall Foliage).

IMG_1129Finally, I always conclude each holiday post with my New Year’s drink.  New Year’s is my favorite alcohol holiday since it’s one of the few occasions where you give yourself permission to drink bubbles all night and worry about the headache later.  (Side note: Evidently, it’s the bubbles that amplify the effects of the otherwise typical alcohol hangover and are responsible for the so-called “champagne headache”…although apparently you don’t get it with REAL Champagne [insert derisive snort].  It has to do with the quality of the wine used or the way the grapes are pressed or something, blah, blah.  Mostly it’s a fantastic way to sound snobbish.) This year, it’s Gruet Brut.  Unfortunately, I was uncommonly popular this year and actually had plans, and I don’t think we ever popped my sparkling wine that night.  Don’t worry about me though…PLENTY of others to be had and I poured myself into bed (i.e. the sofa) at just before 4AM.  Jesus, is that really how I intend to end a post?  Well, I have nothing else to say sooooo yes.  Yes, it is.  Ah, well.



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