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July 24, 2013

Bits 4

Well, it’s certainly been a while since I’ve done a Bits post.  It’s not as though I haven’t had random preoccupations worth noting recently; indeed I find that due to the abundance of scientific knowledge flooding into my brain the past eleven months, any other unrelated thoughts I may have are, by necessity, a bit discursive.  I cannot tell you how unsettling it is to know the word ‘Paracoccidioidomycosis‘ but struggle to find the word ‘necessity’…just now.  With that mind, I would like to segue awkwardly into an announcement that I am finished with my first year!  Which, technically, means nothing as there is no summer break in grad school; I got to take a whopping week off!  At any rate, I’m done with classes at least for several months and have been granted a partial reprieve to indulge in the other things I enjoy doing.  Namely, looking at stuff online.

Now, when you factor in my Facebook page, my blog, and let’s not forget all my online shopping, I have a pretty prolific internet presence.  That last one makes the most profound impact by far, which, given the amount of time I spend trawling Facebook and blogging about nothing, should frighten you.  To be clear, that is not to be confused with “trolling”, which, in regards to the internet, means “being a prick on the internet because you can” according to

So, let’s get on with it, shall we?  This is a collection of a few things useful or beautiful that I’ve lately found online.  Much like Pinterest, only with more reading.  (Hint, hint: it’s basically all fashion…and décor; my life is one small, well-decorated sphere.)

This edition– Etsy finds: I must confess, I am an Etsy fan.  If you don’t know what Etsy is, then you’ve obviously never wondered aloud where one might get penny farthing earrings or a papier-mâché rabbit sculpture in my presence.  Because I surely would have told you about the charming online marketplace that is  Here are just a few of my favorite shops:

  • barberry & lace – The shop of a woman in Arizona who creates handmade vintage-inspired jewelry.  Um, what even is “handmade, vintage-inspired jewelry”?  Yeah, this is:

barberry and lace 2 barberry and lace 3 barberry and lace 4 barberry and lace 7 barberry and lace 5

barberry and lace barberry and lace 8

Gorgeous, no?

  • ethanollie– A shop with a brick-and-mortar counterpart in Portland, OR that sells vintage furniture and decor, mostly from the last century (i.e. simple, retro pieces)

ethanollie 1 ethanollie 3 ethanollie 2 ethanollie 5

ethanollie 4

liperla 2

liperla 3 liperla 1

Oh, and other random nuggets of loveliness that it is my strong recommendation you check out:

Classic and elegant eco-fashion from Amour Vert:

amour-vert-summer-01-01 amour-vert-summer-22 amour-vert-summer-25-01 amour vert claire emerald silk dress

This pretty little yoga meditation cushion from Relaxso: Because sometimes it is hard to attain a state of blissful transcendence and spiritual nirvana when one’s butt is sore

relaxso zafu meditation cushion

These delightful place mats from William-Sonoma…to match your paper mache rabbit head, naturally! (I adore kitschy tableware!):

w-s bunny placemat

June 28, 2013

Trying new things…sort of

As I have iterated many times before, I am constantly seeking to try new things.  Purely to keep from becoming boring (to myself at least; I assure you I am already there to many, more exciting people).  This venture has had both rewarding and unfortunate consequences. I think this is because there is this unspoken understanding that the fresh, new thing you try must also be adventurous.  This has often caused this somewhat less temerarious type, who most would refer to as an “indoor girl”, to spend the next several days walking with a pronounced limp after embarking on such enterprises.  So, this time my novel endeavor will be a bit more in my wheelhouse.  I have just bought monthly subscriptions to both Birchbox and Ipsy.  These are online companies  that provide subscribers with monthly goody bags containing different health and beauty products, for a monthly fee.  In the world of “rope-’em-in subscriptions”, these are both a modest $10 per month.  If at this moment, you’re all, “Lisa, do you honestly expect me to believe that you need to spend $20 a month on brow pencils and body lotion?”, or “Um, I am wondering why I have to listen to you bitch incessantly about being an impoverished grad student and then find you blowing your money away on high-end makeup and designer granola bars!!!”, I hear you.  I’d also like to note that, given my bank account balance, this is possibly the most daring stunt I have yet undertaken.  But rest assured that this is actually not the case.  You see, I am currently on a waiting list for both companies’ coveted swag bags anyways.  And, I can cancel my subscriptions at any time; so, get a couple, suspend my membership and use up what I received, and then get a couple more.  Feel better?   Also, given the fact that one blogger described these memberships as “like Christmas every month”, I don’t see that I had a choice.  And yeah, this is not exactly “trying new things” : I have purchased and purposed makeup before.  But strictly speaking, I could wash my face BEFORE brushing my teeth one day and literally be “trying something new”.  I shall let you know how it goes…

200x300px-LM-9edea1be_ipsylogo   images

April 27, 2012

My New Year’s resolution of frugality makes me want to talk about things I’m not buying

I don’t know about everybody else, but the recession in this country that began with the real estate bubble burst in 2007 and the stock market crash in 2008 impacted our little family pretty hard.  The Greek lost his job in 2008 and would not work steadily again until 2010.  During that time, my mother came to live with us for a while, and there was a harrowing five months where three people lived on a single (relatively modest) income.  My stellar credit score and powers of retail persuasion were most assuredly put to the test as well as the Greek’s improvisational skills and uncanny ability to push items far beyond their expected shelf life: I learned that some empty litter buckets, some electrical tape, and the old mop pole can make an extremely effective snow shovel and that there are myriad uses for duct tape.  But then the Greek went and found himself a wonderful, well-paying job and has been dutifully working himself to death to keep it.  One evening about a year afterward, he remarked to me that he just doesn’t understand how, with this substantial boost in income, we still seem to be just scraping by.  Naturally I told him, “You must understand, darling, there was such a tremendous backlog of things that needed to be fixed or replaced, things that were delayed or pushed back, and things that we had given up entirely and were just plain living without.  All these things add up, and we’re just going to take a while to get resettled.”  What I omitted was that his dear Lisa had also gone a little insane with the credit cards and taken herself on a little buying binge for the last several months, a frenzied release of all that pent up worry and deprivation.  An expensive exhalation.  Every experimental thought, every passing whimsy was tossed carelessly into the shopping cart.  Now don’t misunderstand me.  I wasn’t living beyond our means, and I’m not in the practice of collecting things I’ll never use (not counting shoes; wearing them once is using them, right?).  But if you can picture yourself on a daily basis; now imagine all the things you see in a day that you even remotely want, and imagine if you bought all those things.  Well that was me for a while.  You’d be surprised how many things you see in a day that you could and would use.  With the New Year, I vowed a renewal of my frugal ways.  But like any recovering addict, the urge is still there, and it must find its release.  This blog is to be my methadone.  And with this post (and likely many to follow) I will take the opportunity to talk about the various adorable things that I encounter instead of buying them.  Because I have learned a valuable lesson: there isn’t simply “want” or “need”.  Within “want”, there are sub-levels and degradations, and it is staggering how much larger this category is!  So, below are many simply marvelous items that are sadly not on a “want” tier high enough to justify a purchase under my new (and loathed) terms.  (Disclaimer: This post, which I actually began writing in February, comes on the cusp of a decidedly un-frugal spending spree following a pointedly failed attempt as an aspiring graduate student (You’re welcome, Coach Factory Outlet).  So, I’m ashamed to say, some things on this list had to be removed once they became no longer “things I’m not buying”).

1.) Oh, Joy   Like many women, I have a jewelry person: a person I turn to time and time again for jewelry and whose impeccable instincts I trust implicitly.  Some women have a few, but even so, we remain as devoted as a spouse to them.  For me, that person is Joy Opfer.  Through Joy O Designs and then Kyler by Joy O, she has been designing and handmaking dainty, delicate, and utterly exquisite sustainable eco jewelry from her online store based in San Francisco since 2006.  I bought my first piece of jewelry from her in 2008 and so the love affair began.  A bonus: the blossoming company now has its own blog,, in which it talks about all things green and fashionable, two of my own personal raisons d’être!


2.)  Love you, BAGGU!   One thing I can never seem to get enough of is bags.  Perhaps it’s my obssessive-compulsive nature, but I enjoy (in that rip-your-hair -out-with-anxiety-if-it-doesn’t-work-out kind of way) having a place for everything.  A fortunate new discovery of mine is…found, as it were, on the same divine blog I just mentioned.  BAGGU bags are durable and adorable bags that fulfill any need from reusable grocery totes

…to leather pouches that serve as simple, chic purses


…to canvas sleeves for laptops and everything bags in all shapes and sizes for pens and pencils, make-up brushes, sunglasses, or snacks (I am particularly fond of the one with the little elephants on it…so cute). 


I think my favorite item, for its versatility, is the duck bag; it has a shoulder strap and small, inner, zippered pocket, and the cotton canvas material makes it more rigid than your  regular old tote bag.  So it could just as easily be used as a work bag than a grocery bag.

3.)  Holey Bundt!   My rule of gift-giving is that one should buy items for people that they want, not that they need.  This is because, at least in my case, there are so many things that I want that I find are too much of an indulgence for me to buy for myself, as this post rather clearly illustrates.  Things I need are my responsibility to buy; things I want are a treat to receive.  And if that rule were a place, that place would have to be Williams-Sonoma.  For there is no other place on Earth with a higher concentration of things both fanciful and costly that you can’t reasonably buy for yourself (hmmmm…a $40 cookie sheet?) yet would looooove to have in your home.  And if you ever  make obligatory trips to Williams-Sonoma every time you’re at the mall, spend three hours there, and emerge with nothing but a $7 spatula because, damn it, you were leaving with something even if it wasn’t the copper bottomed pot and pan set…Well, then you probably agree with me.  And W-S baking pans that needlessly turn baked goods into different shapes would seem to fit neatly into this category of frivolous, expensive, and most definitely, definitely want.  Here are just a few of my favorites at the moment:


The Heritage Bundt Pan

The Nordic-Ware Mini Bundt Pan

The Williams-Sonoma Nonstick Madeleine Plaque Pan (with which I could, at long last, use my “Earl Grey Madeleines” recipe.  For those of you who say “Just make your recipe on a regular cookie sheet. Who cares whether the cookies are scallop-shaped!”.  To that I say, “Rubbish!”).  Oh, and in case you’re starting to think that perhaps I sound a little unbalanced, maybe a little unhealthily obssessed, I’d like to offer, as a point of reference, the comparitively more emphatic endorsement by the Facebook group “Help for BUNDT Pan Addicts”.  Yes, there exists a Facebook page for people who are really into bundt cake pans.  And yes, their favorite pans come from Williams-Sonoma.  And no, I am not a group member.  See…perfectly healthy.

4.)  Me Want Madewell   I’m really into green things.  For example, I’ve been known to blog frequently on being green.  People who can afford to buy the numerous things I can merely talk about make me green with envy.  And when it comes to clothes, I have an especial soft spot.  I find the dark and jewel-toned greens to be particularly eye-catching.  I can now add to that list the Slowdance Skirt from Madewell in Alpine.  One sees it and can most certainly picture a cool, spring breeze fluttering the skirt every so slightly as a couple slow dances in a garden, to music softly heard in the distance.  It is the embodiment of “romantic”.  Google it to your heart’s content; as far as I can tell, it is completely SOLD OUT!

5.)  Drinking the Kool-Aid   I recently bought a pair of yoga pants for $80, and it got me thinking.  Why have I chosen such an expensive hobby?  They’re pants.  Pants you sweat in.  Few other everyday forms of exercise have been so effectively morphed into an obligatory fashion show.  But that isn’t even the tip of the iceberg.  DC-ers have turned yoga into a way of life and not in that yogic kind of way.  Actually the opposite of that: yoga boutiques with outlandish prices producing high end yoga clothes and accessories that extremely fit, fashionable, and well-off people wear on the streets seemingly round-the-clock (they can’t all be caught headed to yoga all the time); countless yoga studios with new, trendy types of yoga emerging at an alarming frequency, each deviating more from original yogic practice and intent than the last (yogalates comes to mind); the ever increasing amount of yoga-related trappings one must amass as all manner of unrelated items are now being associated with yoga (I feel like the 4th century yogis never used a yoga ball) (I’ll bet you’ve never heard of an eyebag).  But then I think what’s really the problem with all this?  Is it really so awful?  Well, yes.  Yet I still find myself staring longingly at all these beautiful yoga items that I can’t bring myself to shell out huge sums of money for (and sometimes buying them; for the record, the pants are awesome and, as they say, “don’t jiggle it when I wiggle it”).  I remain a yoga purist at heart, but I excuse myself the occasional sturdy, attractive, heftily priced yoga basic.  Case in point: the Manduka MatSak yoga bag (Large, in Graphite).  Manduka is arguably the granddaddy of overpriced yoga equipment, but damn, their stuff looks good.

6.)  Red Room   If it hasn’t already been made abundantly clear, I like vintage stuff.  While, for the most part, my tastes seem to me fairly streamlined, when it comes to my home, they diverge into two completely incongruous styles, 1950’s retro (if you’re picturing a diner, then you obviously don’t know me) and French country.  Throw into the mix the Greek’s affinity for rustic, heavy woods and industrial hardware and our rigid unwillingness to meet in the middle (is there a middle?), and you get a mish mash of a home in which purple walls and French lithographs meet large, unfinished wood furniture and dainty floral armchairs sit beside chunky leather recliners.  Similarly, it has also taken us an obscenely long time to accrue furnishings and make the rooms of our home “come together”.  We’ve come the farthest along in our kitchen (although MUCH remains to be done), and I’d long ago decided that the most ideal complement to my mint-colored walls, white cabinets, and modern bronze hardware would be several splashes of bright red in the form of vintage-looking kitchen utensils and appliances. 


The Le Creuset Stoneware butter dish in Red and old-fashioned salt crock in Cherry, the Staub 0.25-qt mini round cocottes in Grenadine, and of course the Kitchenaid Artisan Design stand mixer (with glass bowl!) in Candy Apple Red would be fabulous additions to my collection, which currently includes the Kirkland Signature Red Dutch Oven from Costco and…yeah, that’s pretty much it so far.

6.)  Passchal Passion   Made from the inner tubes of discarded tractor tires…yes, you heard me correctly, Passchal bags are not only cute, they’re clever.  The company has managed to repurpose something coarse and cheap and turn into something truly fashionable (according to their website, they’ve recycled 76 tons of inner tubes to date!).  That kind of ingenuity doesn’t come cheap, however, which is why, despite the charming bags pictured below, I only have a small clutch bought a while ago that the Greek doesn’t know (nor will he ever know) the cost of.  They also sell travel bags, really handsome wallets, and (coming soon and highly anticipated) a new line of bags made from recycled signs and banners.  All this from a former welder and an inventor, not the Stella McCartney-esque high-end fashion designers you’d expect.


Well, this concludes the first addition (of which, I’m sure, they’ll be many more) of my posts about gift ideas, wish lists, and just general lovely discoveries I find online that tickle my fancy. Woo, that felt good…although, and I suppose this is unsurprising, the urge to go out and ACTUALLY buy these things is now stronger.  Hélas!  This post has seemingly had the opposite effect than the one on which it was motivated.  But I shall endure.

February 3, 2012

Jason Wu for Target arrives on February 5th!

This is turning into a pattern.  Despite other momentous occurrences in the fashion world, I am inevitably talking about the latest clothing line launch of a renowned fashion design house for Target.  However, as a person of limited means who most often finds those means spent on Chinese take-out and sequined cocktail dresses and appallingly high heels I never wear, it’s valuable to me to know when I can get high end fashion at low end prices.  And the Missoni launch was a bust: it launched on a Tuesday to an almost rabid response and by the time this Working Girl found her way to a Target on Saturday, only a few sad, little plates remained on an empty display.  Plus I have a special place in my heart for this designer.  Jason Wu is a Taiwanese-American, Manhattan-based designer who I might add is rich and famous and younger than me (I note these things now).  He is perhaps most popularly known now as a favorite of Michelle Obama, who is sheer perfection.  And while I wasn’t the biggest fan of the tissue paper-esque gown worn at the Inaugural Ball (I’m sensitive about the proper way to wear white), remember this:


His style is very simple, classic, and feminine (just like me!  Or so I hope).  Which is interesting for a man whose done several collaborations with RuPaul.  But it’s worked for him so far, and he seems to be sticking to it for his Target line as far as I can see from the previews.  On a side note, I support all fashion that has a kitty for a mascot!  Why, you ask?  According to Jason Wu, “They’re elegant, they’re mischievous, and they’re beautiful.”.  Hear, hear, sir!

In fact, I love everything about this so far down to the gorgeous fashion photographs for it!

February 2, 2012

Bits 3

I recently stumbled upon this article celebrating the fashion photography of John Rawlings.  What the occasion was I do not know, but I adore these photos!  Thusly, I then did an impromptu Google search and spent the next hour looking at still more images instead of the planned task of organizing all my electronic files.  This, folks, is fashion photography before photoshop.   The halcyon days in which the technology of photography a.) wasn’t capable of capturing every microscopic imperfection, and b.) wasn’t yet able to airbrush and photoshop pictures to death.  I love older fashion photographs; a bit hazy, yet far more natural and completely untampered with after the moment it was taken.  Art in every way.  Not to mention the fact that I love this period for fashion.  So classically simple, graceful, and elegant.  And the women aren’t frighteningly skinny.  Nowadays, it’s almost unhuman-looking, isn’t it?  I am always reminded of prancing giraffes.  Or those stuffed animal monkeys with the dangling limbs that have Velcro on the paws so that you can hang them from doorknobs or fasten them around standing lamps.  Well anyways, found…loved…shared:


Speaking of old-fashioned fashion, in my effort to find the most perfect hatbox (apparently, they have gone out of fashion), I stumbled across this wonderful shop on  Check out these inspired, clever little hats!  Sadly, as I am neither a member of the British royal family nor a black lady at Sunday service, I will likely never ever find myself in a position where I would wear a hat like these.  But at least I can ball my fists, wriggle my arms, and go “Eeeeee!” at how cute they are.


  • Love this photo.  Dogs are incredible animals:

  • This video must be watched with the volume on.  Do not watch without sound.  You’ve been warned.

November 7, 2011

My favorite fashion in cinema

So, the Greek has this thing about scenery.  He will make me watch the most awful movies imaginable just because he loves the landscapes so much.  But I must admit I have the same issue with fashion.  Victorian gowns, fringed flapper dresses, and my personal favorite, classical gowns from the ’40’s and ’50’s.  I will watch movies purely to ogle the clothes to many searing looks of disdain from my Greek who does not share my affectation.  My most recent violation was “Bye Bye Birdie”, among the more silly of teen movies.  Does anyone even know what was happening in that movie?  But then a sultry, 22-year old Ann Margret starts bopping around the floor in a belly baring pink top with tiered ruffles and hot pink hot pants, and I remember.  Seriously, check it out:  She’s supposed to be a 16-year old girl!  Anyways, I thought this would be a prime opportunity to introduce some of my top picks for fashion moments in movies.

1.)   I think I’ll began with perhaps my most favorite, a dress so special it inspired this entire post: Keira Knightley’s flowing green satin gown in “Atonement”.  I may have even read the book just to make sure the dress was in there too.  I won’t keeping talking on about it; it just cheapens it.

2.)   Grace Kelly’s black and white tulle gown in “Rear Window”: an incredible garment on perhaps the most beautiful woman in the world.  Its beauty is further excentuated by her being in Jimmy Stewart’s shabby apartment while he’s adorned in striped pajamas and a leg cast at the time.

3.)   Audrey Hepburn’s black and white lace dress and unbelievable hat in “My Fair Lady”.  In fact, that whole scene at the horse races and the high fashion hilarity that ensued with all those dry, crusty aristocrats parading around in their outlandish hats should be included.  It makes me long for the days when one could stroll around with a lace parasol, and people wouldn’t think she was strange.

4.)   Natalie Portman’s Victorian bodice gown in “The Other Boleyn Girl”.  Apparently, the movie’s advertisers agreed with me as the gown streams across the cover of the DVD, and it accomplishes its goal: it completely captivates the eye.  It’s the dress she wore when she swept into court and seduced the king.


5.)   So, just as the only reason to watch “Bye Bye Birdie” is the “Lot of Livin'” number, so is the black and white ball and the elaborate ballet production that follows for “An American in Paris”.  Amazing costumes, outstanding 16-minute, Gene Kelly-choreographed and danced number; it’s just so ’60’s Paris mod fashion.

6.)   Essentially all the fashion in “Sex and the City: The Movie” with special recognition to the wedding dresses, every last lovely one of them!  And the wedding shoes, let’s not forget the wedding shoes: the jewel-toned and jeweled Manolo Blahnik blue satin stiletto.  There is, as always, no other reason to watch that movie.  On a side note, it also occurs to me that that show has lost a lot of its relevance in our current economic and political landscape.  I was recently watching a rerun, and Charlotte was interested in a trader from Bear Stearns, which then caused me to wonder if her Prince Charming was one of the ones pushing subprime mortgage-backed securities and cooking the books that led to the US financial collapse in 2009 and wiped out a bunch of people’s retirement funds.  And I distinctly recall an episode where they discussed the merits of voting for Presidents based purely on looks.  Ah, it was a better time for lite fare back then, I suppose.


7.)   The green sequined number on Cyd Charisse and the green leaf dress on Debbie Reynolds in “Singin’ in the Rain”.  The whole movie was conceptualized as one elaborate song-and-dance number and fashion show with the flimsy remnants of a plot surrounding it.  The movie twists and mutates painfully in order to incorporate a grab bag of disparate ideas seemingly thrown out at random by the movie’s makers.  The entire movie is actually inspired by the song itself if that tells you anything.  They made an entire movie with a three-minute song as its sole inspiration.  But my, my, what a song-and-dance number and fashion show!


8.)   Ok, I don’t mean to be predictable, but I must mention Audrey Hepburn’s LBD in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.  The dress was created by Givenchy expressly for Audrey herself, a prime example of one of my likely-to-go-unfulfilled life dreams.  Can you imagine?  A top fashion designer building a dress with you and only you as his inspiration.  It makes me all tingly inside.

9.)   You can’t see it from the image I uploaded, and I couldn’t find an image of it, but what really makes Eva Marie Saint’s red floral dress in “North by Northwest” so extraordinary is the matching deep red stone necklace that accompanies it.  It’s an incredible dress as well, dark and mysterious; Alfred Hitchcock is exceptional at creating mood with scenery in his movies, and fashion plays a huge part in that.

As a ponder the fact that I have no idea how long WordPress allows one’s blog posts to be, I’ll wrap it up.  There shall certainly be more posts like this to follow as my obssession with old movies and fashion is so immense, it couldn’t possibly fit into a single post anyway.  Plus, you’ve apparently stuck with me this far, which was kind of you, so I’ll give you a break and your eyes a rest and say farewell for now.

September 29, 2011

Bits (where I talk about random things I come across)


I saw an article about a fashion trend that, regrettably, I think I actually kind of dig.  A big hit amongst fashion-forward celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker and Katie Holmes (does a guest appearance on “Project Runway” and admittedly cutting edge but undeniably ugly clothes qualify someone as “fashion-forward”?) is the leopard print denim jean!  Pick your jaws up off the floor and let me explain.  Ok, so paired with a skin-tight halter top and accessorized with patent leather heels, it’s drag queen meets Jersey Shore streetwalker.  But a more toned down approach like the one Miss Sarah Jessica took with her soft pink trench and matching open-toed platform shoes or Isla Fisher in her chunky sweater and suede pumps suddenly make it refined yet playful.  The grey rinse offers a bit more subtlety, but I prefer the full-on black-spots-on-orange look.  I think Forever 21 offers a far more affordable option than what you’ll find on Carrie Bradshaw, but as a rule, I don’t go in there nor do I recommend that anyone over 25 go in there either; it is where synthetic fabric goes to die.

  • This just in!  Rick Perry hates the environment and, I presume, anyone with a moral conscience.  My favorite bits of irony: when he talks about the EPA’s stifling “red tape”…um, I think that might be Texas’ air quality that you’re choking on; and, when he calls climate scientists “frauds” and yet, was a supporter of Al Gore’s 1988 presidential campaign.  I’m not saying he’s totally wrong, I’m just saying he’s totally wrong and may have no principles.
  • Since when did “hot to trot” become a compliment one woman gives to another?  I am not down with this decidedly sexist (since it is always in reference to women) phrase and its negative connotations.  Do not call me this; I will not be pleased.  Is it because it’s fun to say?

Any biologists want to take a crack at the NUMEROUS problems with this piece about how the 3-D structure of an HIVenzyme was deciphered by online gamers?  My god!!!  I mean, I get what the study authors are trying to say, but the representation of their work in this article is just awful.  The average layman stumbling upon scientific papers by accident could have written a better article than this guy’s presumably researched bit of bad journalism.  Why, if only we scientists could have found another way of determining protein structure than by looking at it under a microscope…  Computer models!  What an incredible idea!  Quite frankly, I think the real story here is the person that built the microscope through which you could even discern the structure of a protein.  Someone give that man a Nobel!

  • So, perhaps someone out there who saw the “Terra Nova” series premiere (I did not) can answer this for me (and my mom): Why did they choose to go back in time to the time of the dinosaurs???  I mean, there are hundreds of millions of years proceeding that.  Why not just go to a time IMMEDIATELY AFTER the time when there were giant, people-eating reptiles?  And what do they plan to do about that whole mass extinction thing?  It’s just, if I were going back in time, there are a few periods I would be sure to avoid: Venice in 1347, Hiroshima in 1945, and that time a giant asteroid hit Earth and wiped out almost all life on the face of the planet.

And now my parting gift to you…Jack, proving that there is no amount of discomfort he won’t go through to keep from sharing…sociopath.

September 14, 2011

Missoni for Target arrived on September 13th!

Let the pandemonium begin!  Famed Italian design house Missoni is now offering a line of clothing, luggage, housewares, and furniture through Target stores.  Missoni is renowned for their knitware featuring that distinctive zigzag stripe pattern, which, incidently, will be available on everything from stationary to patio furniture and at a fraction (like <10%!) of the price.  And, evidently, the frenzy of excitement that was happening in my head was also happening in real life:  In what is being called “Missoni Mayhem” and “Target Tuesday” (as in Black Friday), was crashed several times, and people were lining up around the block in the early morning hours yesterday to be the first to snag these limited edition items.  Now, while that is what I yearn to do, I do not do it because, well, I’m not a lunatic.  However, I will be heading out there this weekend, and I will NOT leave empty-handed.  If you want your suitcase to match your minidress, you will too!

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